A difficult choice or where to go in the summer to rest.

I don't know where to go in the summer to relax. A friend wants to go to Italy. A friend wants me to go with him in Miami. There we'll have fun and live in his parents ' house. Can go to India or Brazil. Or to go to Paris. «I don't know. A difficult choice.

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The secrets that hide a very long time.

One of my friend  a very long time hid a secret. He was afraid of the way or tell it. But a couple of months ago he could not resist and told me his secret.  It turned out that he kept this secret for six years. It had happened when he was sixteen years old. He was driving late at night from a party. Was a little drunk. He hasn't managed to brake and someone else, too. When he got out of the car, it turned out that he shot down a rat, he fled by the way. He decided to anyone about this is not to say. And for six years he hid it. Of course, it is a pity rat. But in this there is nothing criminal. This is only one small error

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